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 4.3.2 Feature Updated display using JavaScript library to create new message block for all browsers to display DNS per host.
 4.3.2 Bug Bug Fix 1590086: Resolved deleting host address within the CIDR block
 4.3.2 Bug Bug Fix 1590883: Resolved preference not set at login
 4.3.1 Feature Feature 1575683 resolve IP to Hostname
 4.3.1 Bug Bug Fix 1576656: Invalid path on box_CidrMenu.php
 4.3 Feature This release added support for prefixes larger then 24 bits. Updated tree menu to support sync state. Rewrite of cidr_add and prefix_add to help speed up the process of adding (/8-/16). Added the ability to change the display menu based on subset items. Added more in-deep IPAM (IP address management) fields to help define the host to IP address. Updated search field with new IPAM fields.
 4.2 Feature This pre-release added the ability to display subnet summary stats based used/total.
 4.2 Feature This pre-release added the ability to define groups and assign CIDR/Prefixes for group management.
 4.2 Feature Rewrite of install.php for step by step process, added compatibility check, and new SQL parser for database creation.
 4.1.2 Minor Rewrite login.php to use local account before ldap account. Added ability to search IP information.
 4.1.1 Bug Updated install file to not use deprecated php function 'mysql_create_db()'. - Fixed mysql errors when inserting updates when mysql table not created. preference.php - updated links to point to the correct URL Feature 05-20-2005 - total rewrite of phpip Major Issue 12-08-2002 - fixed javascript issue with netscape/mozilla Minor Issue 10-21-2002 23:30 - fixed the missing sql file - fixed the extra row in results.php - fixed the fir when file is untared Features 10-15-2002 23:30 - logging of ip address change - added search - updated mysql database
 4.1 Feature Phpip-4.1 has been redesigned to support pear ipv4, php-ldap, CIDR, and multiple sub prefixes. Phpip-4.1 supports user set preferences, css style sheets, and local and remote user management